Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Post - not so shabby


I've tried this Blogging thing before, to but it's fallen apart a few times already. Hopefully this will stick. I intend to keep this going for the remainder of my highschool career (1 year left) and maybe through my exploits in college.

Whatever. My name is Sam. This will be a blog of musings on computer science and all things related to computers, technology, movies, pop culture, school, politics, religion, and hopefully more computer science. Mostly computer science. Most of my personal life will stay separate from this.

The first thing I would like to begin sharing soon is a standard game template for faster game development in C# XNA 4.0 . Afterwards I might post some of my better essays and musings. It's a bit of a venting blog, but also a means to record what I've been working on in case I inexplicably find myself with amnesia and am wondering what I've been up to since May 22, 2011.

Ah well.

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